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Stephanie Ovadia - Know Your Right: Assault And Battery Lawsuits


Assault and battery are separate criminal offences that can either be considered a part of felony or a misdemeanour’s and can have serious repercussions for the person. Assault is an act where a person threatens to harm another person intentionally. Battery is the act of physical harm done by direct contact between the victim and the offender. This can lead to a criminal charges against the offender. This can lead of charges of misdemeanour’s and felony.

Convicted of assault, it is possible that your career can be in jeopardy as many employers do a background check and the conviction of assault will cost a person his job. Law enforcement, medical field, and child care field are especially strict in this regard. The criminal penalty of battery and assault is prison and a hefty fine.

The repercussions of an assault record can lead to non issuance of license for higher education, deportations for immigrants, license of weapon and many more. The assault charges can vary from the degree of the injury of the victim. Some of the assault charge are:

First Degree Assault:
It is charged when a great bodily harm is inflicted on the victim or if the assault is done to a peace officer.

Second Degree Assault:
It is charged against a person if he or she had used a weapon to harm another person. It can lead to seven years of prison and a very hefty fine. And depending upon the harm done to the victim, the fine and the jail time can go considerably up.

Third Degree Assault:
It is charged when a person assaults another and thus, does a substantial harm in the person. It is charged to the person if the victim is a minor or a child below 4 years.

Fourth Degree Assault:
Assaulting a police officer, fire-fighters, medical personnel, and any person by getting influenced by bias against race, colour, sex or religion is a fourth degree assault.

The victims can pursue a lawsuit against the offenders to get compensation and the justice deserved by them. An attorney an help you pursue your case in the court on the victim’s behalf.

Stephanie Ovadia is a Long Island assault and battery lawyer who has handled numerous cases of assault and battery in New York and surrounding areas. Contact her law office for free consultation.

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