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Stephanie Ovadia - Basic Understanding Of Assault & Battery


As per the United States law, Assault and battery are two legal terms, but  always paired together as an offence, containing different meanings which are often wrongly used interchangeably. In the context of tort law, these terms have two different legal meanings and can happen in two different situations.
Assault & Battery

Both these terms are closely related, so a person may be charged with one of the two crimes, but often they are charged together. An assault refers to create a fear of an imminent attack. On the other hand, battery is an actual act of violence. In this case, a person tries to strike the other person.

Physical assault and battery is a serious crime. No one has right to assault and battery the other person as it can lead to the victim towards the hazardous results. Consulting a knowledgeable attorney can be a very good decision, if anyone is experiencing such a tragic event.

Only an assault attorney can guide you in a proper way with the  best legal assistance. Stephanie Ovadia is efficient enough to handle assault and battery cases for people on Long Island, in New York and the surrounding areas of New York State with years of experience in the same industry.

Stephanie Ovadia understands the pain of the victims, especially the mental agony caused by such tragic events. The major difference between assault and battery is a bodily contact. Assault causes a threat of bodily contact and battery is a physical act of bodily contact. For example, getting hit is a battery, but fear of hit is an assault.

Both these terms are coupled together because one may first create a fear of the physical impact and then receive the physical impact. Both the assault and battery occur in different situations such as domestic violence, etc. Civil assault must not be confused with criminal assault that is a different legal concept. Both the assault and battery are intentional torts.

There are different levels of assault and battery. One can commit an assault without committing battery. In the same way, battery can also be committed without committing assault. Basically, the assault has two forms: assault and aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is an act of creating fear in the mind of victim by using the weapons. Assault covers all the types of threats in a broad way.

When we talk about battery, it can be divided into many subcategories. Some sexual crimes come under different forms of battery. It is very important to take initiative steps against such crimes. Take the help of an attorney to fight against such crimes.

cyber bullying

How To Deal With Everyday Bullying Effectively - Stephanie Ovadia


The worst part of bullying has been seen in the society for many years. There was a time when bullying used to occur only on the playground at school, etc. With the advancements in the technology, bullying has become more hazardous than before. Bullying may take a variety of forms such as verbal as well as physical. 

These days, cyber crimes are on the height with the growth of the Internet. Cyber bullying is one of the easiest forms to target their victims. Bullying can lead the victim towards  physical and emotional trauma. Stephanie Ovadia is a renowned advocate, providing free consultation against bullying and she has given several lectures on this topic.

Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney, If you or a loved one is experiencing bullying. Bullying shows an aggressive behaviour of an accused who try to harm or humiliate the victim. It usually exhibits a kind of power imbalance. Both the verbal and the non-verbal are the two forms of bullying. Fighting and pushing, all these come under physical bullying. On the other hand, verbal bullying involves name calling, rumour spreading, etc.

It may happen that the victim of bullying is experiencing the both forms of bullying. It is a common scenario where the bullying starts from a verbal form, then it turns into the physical form. It is a fact that bullying is prevalent in school children, but such cases are also confronted in the workplace, and the online dating world as well. By following the below mentioned steps, one can avoid bullying at work place in a number of ways.

  • Try to identify the workplace bullying policy.
  • Consult the Human Resource Officer.
  • Keep a record of all incidents.
  • Consult with a counselor.


Cyberbullying is the latest phenomenon, prevailing in the modern society with the use of the internet. Cyber bullying may occur in many forms. Social media abuse is one of the forms of cyberbullying. Most of the people post unpleasant things on the social media accounts of the others.

The victim is found to be humiliated by their peers on the social networking sites such as Facebook, etc. Impersonation is the other form of cyber bullying. In this case, an accused pretends to be a victim and post the things that the victim had never said. Hiring an attorney is always the best idea as an attorney is efficient enough to handle all the bullying cases very tactfully.

Stephanie Ovadia

Cyberbullying : Spot The Commonly Used Tactics For Harassment - Stephanie Ovadia


Cyberbullying is a term associated with abuse and harassment done using internet and digital technologies. Like classic bullying, it is nefarious and malevolent and the repeated hostile behavior is intended to make the targeted person feel depreciated. This kind of disparaging communications might never involve face to face interaction. 

Stephanie Ovadia

Cyberbullies use various tactics to torment and threaten a  person using information and communication technology engaging in cyber stalking, cyber crime and harassment. Some of them are described below:

  • Image Dissemination:
Sending vulgar images to the targeted person which can be considered criminal if the images sent are of pornographic nature or very graphic, containing acts of violence. It can be sent through e-mails, phone texts, social networking profiles. With extensive usage of mobile phones, this kind of cyberbullying has become quite prominent.

  • Non-consensual Photographs And Videos:
Images and videos of the person who is being targeted by the cyberbully is distributed to the known circle of that person with any consent to embarrass and humiliate the person. It can be taken to another level when the cyberbully starts posting the images and videos on social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. The targeted person is usually unaware of this phenomena until it is too late and the data has gone viral.

  • Exposure Of Personal Texts:
Exposure is a cyberbullying tactic that usually includes posting personal data such as texts, images of sexual nature, and sensitive personal information. This tactic is especially deleterious as the extent of harm it can do do to an individual is quite  tremendous.

  • Threatening Emails:
This tactic is quite common and can inspire a lot of fear. The cyberbully implies a threat and sometimes outright threaten the person and forwards the same to the peers in his circle, in order to amplify the threatening environment.

Stephanie Ovadia is Long Island anti bullying lawyer who advocates against bullying of all categories. If you or your known has undergone bullying, contact her law office for free consultation.

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