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Is any of your loved one has been a victim of assault and battery? Don’t hesitate to contact the law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia. To get the personal legal assistance, contact her immediately. The protection of your rights should be given the utmost importance.

Physical assaultation is a crime and no one deserves to be assaulted physically as well as mentally. Consulting an assault lawyer has been always as ideal decision. She has handled thousands of such cases to help the people on Long Island and throughout the surrounding area for decades.

They understand that how painful it is to be assaulted by someone. Such incidents not only weaken a person physically, but emotionally as well. This can have an emotional impact on a person’s life. Only an assault injury attorney can guide an individual in the wake of a physical assault. The whole process of assault and battery include the following steps:

  • An objective evaluation of the events.
  • Evaluation of injuries.
  • Interrogation process.

From car incidents to defamation,  She has the experience to tackle all the cases under different situations. G. Ovadia has chosen personal injury practice, a primary area of practice in New York. More than the thousand clients has resolved their all issues related to the personal injury matters.

Initial consultation is free for all potential personal injury claims. The legal practice of her is not confined to the personal injury law. In addition to personal injury, she has given assistance in various other areas that include:

  • Entertainment law.
  • Contract drafting.

When we talk about Assault and Battery, these are two separate kinds of tortious behaviour.  Both have different meaning which are interchanged and used wrongly. If we talk about battery, it is a physical contact with a person that is not acceptable. This can involve a weapon such as a gun, but not always in the form of an attack. On the other hand, assault is a kind of threat to an individual before any contact is made. It takes the form of assault and battery once the contact is made.

Most of the time, these two terms are paired together. Basically, an assault is an intentional threat to cause physical harm to an individual. Battery means to touch an individual intentionally against that person's will.

Always contact an attorney who is licensed with years of legal experience. Hiring an attorney is always a wise decision to recover damages caused by an assault or battery. Thus, you get an opportunity to get the compensation for lost wages, etc. Before it is too late, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Choosing an attorney is a tough decision, so don’t take it in a hurry.

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