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Never Heard Of Medical Malpractice? Read Its Types!


Patients trust healthcare professionals blindly. But, sometimes healthcare professionals become negligent, which might lead to devastating results for patients. This neglecting act is called medical malpractice.

If you or your loved one has become a victim of medical malpractice, then you need to gain information about its various types so that you can claim compensation and fight for your case properly. Following are the three major types of medical malpractice.

Fail to diagnose – This is a situation in which physicians or healthcare professionals fail to diagnose certain disease or medical condition of a patient. Such negligent act can cause severe consequences in the future or even loss of life.

Improper medications – While wrong diagnosis or negligent behaviour towards patient can cause disastrous results, prescribing of wrong medications can also cause negative results or serious medical problems.

Surgical errors – The negligent behaviour of a surgeon can cause severe complications for patients. Leaving objects inside the patient, operating wrong site etc., are a few surgical errors committed by the surgeon.

These are a few types of medical malpractice. If you are a victim of negligent act of healthcare professionals, then you can file a lawsuit against the physician with the help of a lawyer.

Your lawyer will file a claim for the injuries and sufferings as well as will help you obtain compensations based on the level of injuries sustained. The lawyer will also make sure your compensation includes the medical expenses, cost of physical therapy, emotional sufferings, lost wages and more.

Stephanie Ovadia is a renowned lawyer who represents medical malpractice lawsuits. Besides this, she also provides legal assistance to clients regarding assault & battery, bicycle accident, bullying, dog bite, car accident, defamation, false arrest, medical malpractice and more.
Stephanie Ovadia is a lawyer since 1984. Besides being an unsurpassed lawyer, she is a renowned legal commentator. In addition, she has also been a popular figure on the radio show, the Stephanie O Show on 103.9 FM, LI News Radio, that she owns.

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Know your Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident To File A Claim


Slip, trip, and fall accidents are quite common. And most of the times, clumsiness is not the reason behind them. Usually, people are not in fault as they become victims of these accidents due to dangerous conditions on the property of another. It is the responsibility of a property owner to ensure that the premises are free of dangers.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident Attorney - Stephanie Ovadia

Or if there are any issues like wet floor, they need to put proper warning to warn off people. But, if you slip, trip, fall and get injured due to an accident caused by property owners’ negligence, then you may be eligible for financial compensation by filing a claim for personal injury.

However, before filing a claim, you need to know more about the type and reasons behind your accident.

Slipping – Slipping is the accident when a person slips on a walking surface losing balance. People usually slip due to slippery surfaces like wet floors. It is the responsibility of property owner to warn people about these dangers.

Tripping – Tripping accidents occur when a person’s foot collides with an object on a walking surface, which results in a fall. Damaged floor or an object on the surface is usually the reason behind these incidents.

Falling – Falling accidents usually are a result of slipping or tripping. And, there are two levels of these incidents, one in which the victim falls on the same level. The other one is, in which a person falls on various levels, which usually happens on stairs. Both types of these accidents can result in severe injuries.

And, to file a claim for your injuries, you need a professional attorney like Stephanie Ovadia.

Stephanie Ovadia is a noted attorney who provides legal assistance in personal injury related lawsuits. She has more than 3 decades of experience in legal field. She received a B.A. in Political Science from the SUNY Binghamton in the year of 1980. Over the years, she has helped many personal injury victims in obtaining compensation for their injuries and damages.

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Human Factors That Lead To Pedestrian Accidents


In New York, numerous pedestrians are hit by vehicles every year. These accidents can lead to severe injuries and life altering results. To avoid these accidents, various types of laws are made for both drivers and pedestrians. However, there are still some factors that lead to pedestrian accidents. Most of the times, these are human factor that result in crashes in New York.

Inattentive or distracted driver – An inattentive or distracted car driver fails to pay attention to the road while driving. It can result in them crashing in pedestrians and victims suffering from minor or major injuries.

Failure to yield – In some cases, the car driver fails to see and yield people on a crosswalk and crashes in them. It is a dangerous situation that can result in severe injuries for victims.

Pedestrian error or confusion – Sometimes pedestrian error or confusion are the reason behind these accidents.

However, a pedestrian is the one who is likely to suffer more injuries. Furthermore, loss of wages and medical expenses hits victims financially. Sometimes, injuries can have lifetime effect on victims, who might need lifelong treatment or therapy.

Now the question is, why suffer when you were not even at fault. Victims in such cases are entitled to justice and fair financial compensation from the party at fault. For this purpose, you need to file a lawsuit against the person at fault. And to file a lawsuit, you need help of a professional attorney such as Stephanie Ovadia.

Stephanie Ovadia is a famed pedestrian accident attorney in New York who has been helping clients in such cases in Long Island and surrounding areas of New York for decades. She is a renowned personal injury lawyer who has been practicing for over 30 years. She has appeared on several news stations including FOX 5 as a legal commentator.

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