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Stephanie Ovadia - Driving Guidelines To Avoid A Lane Change Accident


The lane change accident is one of the common occurrences on the roadways. The roads can be dangerous and it can lead to many accidents. In order to avoid accidents, follow these basic measures which will help you stay safe and sound:

Stephanie Ovadia
Stephanie Ovadia

  • The Escape Route:
While driving you must have escape route so that when a problem arises, you can immediately move aside and change the lanes in the moment. If you are on a fast lane, then you are more conspicuous to the fast moving vehicles and chances of crash increase a lot.

  • Constant Vigilance:
If you stay vigilant and drive carefully, chances are that if you speak up, your chances of seeing the vehicle arriving and steering time is entirely possible. And sometimes, the vehicles on the road make a sudden stop. If you are aware of your surroundings, you could notice it in time and make a halt instead of rear ending the vehicle in front of you.

  • Carefully Scan The Road:
While driving, relying on the side mirrors and rear-view mirror solely can be dangerous. It is better that you look ahead and check the lanes as well. Sometimes, side mirrors don't show you the whole view. So taking this fact into consideration, make sure to keep a safe distance so that other drivers can drive around safely.

  • Proper Positioning On The Steering Wheel:
The proper steering position is necessary for the maximum vehicle control. It can be really helpful when you need to immediately manoeuvre the vehicle avoiding a potential crash.

  • Right Positioning Of The Driver’s Seat:
The driver’s seat should be steered close to the steering wheel in such a way that the wrist of the driver can rest above the steering wheel and the back of the driver is comfortable enough against the seat. This posture is the best one and can make sure that the driver doesn't feel fatigued and can drive in a comfortable and relaxed way.

  • Steering Clear Of The Badly Damaged Cars:
The cars that are in bad condition, just state the inattentiveness of the car. At times, there are drivers that are otherwise preoccupied on their mobile phones or the drunkards who can be spotted driving haphazardly on the roadways. You should always steer off such vehicles.

  • Play It Safe:
Do not push the limits of your car just to see how well it can perform. Sometimes, vehicle do not perform as expected and there can be a drastic accident. Driving the vehicle at insanely high speed can result in control failure which can be disastrous for you and everyone else on the road driving nearby.

  • Keeping The Vehicle In Pristine Position:
Keep the vehicle well serviced and maintained. It is crucial that the brakes, tyres, and every part of the vehicle is checked regularly to see if they work as they should. If the tyres of the car lose their grip, it can be really disastrous. The shockers of the vehicle should also work perfectly. This is the only way you can avoid unknown surprise on the roadway.

Stephanie Ovadia is a veteran attorney dealing with personal injury cases and successfully brought justice to many clients.

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