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When you or any of your loved one becomes the victim of a dog bite, consult the best attorney immediately without putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. The Law Office Of Stephanie G. Ovadia has years of experience in handling the numerous dog bite related cases for people on Long Island and throughout the surrounding area for decades. 

Life Threatening Dog’s Bite Incidents

Many a times, the dog’s bite can lead you towards the severe consequences. You may experience the dog phobia for the rest of your life that can be unbearable to you. You need an attorney to deal deal with the dog bite cases.  Though a dog is said to be man’s best friend, yet they are capable of inflicting serious injuries.

Consequences of Dog Bite

There are numerous injuries that can be caused by the horrible bite of a dog. Sometimes, these incidents may lead the victim towards death or the person may experience long-term hospitalization. There are chances of permanent scarring as well that is a long lasting outcome of a dog bite attack. 

Not only this, the worst part of the dog bite is an issue related to infection. The victim may need a plastic surgery, but it depends on the severity of the injury. Thus, this incident can have a negative impact on the psyche of the person. This seems one of the worst condition that a person may ever face.

Top Reasons To Hire An Attorney

For the proper medical care, the victim has to pay a lot of dollars. Sometimes, the medical expenses may reach beyond your reach. This is the reason why you need a qualified attorney to represent your case in an effective way. To recover all the medical expenses and assist you in reaching a proper settlement, the assistance of an attorney can work a lot.  They are expert in negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company as well as the owner of the dog.

The negligence of the dog’s owner is a strong ground to file a case against the accused of the dog bite injury. Thus, an owner becomes liable to compensate you for all the expenses, including the quality time wasted, psychological effects, physical pain, etc.

No need to worry even about the complex case when you have a powerful attorney to fight for your rights and justice.

Different Injury Cases That Require Personal Injury Attorney Services


Most of the personal injury cases are overlooked by the number of people due to the ignorance. Sometimes, they are not aware with the fact that the their accident may have been caused by the negligence of another person. Having a detailed knowledge about personal injury cases can help to get the maximum compensation for your claims. The law office of Stephanie Ovadia has handled personal injury cases for decades.

To determine the reason behind the accident, a professional legal team can help a lot. Hiring a legal firm is always a wise idea as they can very efficiently represent your case in the court. There are many accidents that come under personal injury cases such as:

Auto Accidents:

Auto accidents are the finest example of personal injury cases. If any of your loved one is hit and injured by another driver in an auto-mobile accident, then they are eligible to get financial compensation for their injuries. The negligence of the driver can lead you towards the horrible results after the accidents.

A little mistake from the driver’s side can cause a lot of damage to your physical as well as mental health. Drivers are found to be responsible for the accidents if they were speeding, or they were under the drug’s influence. To determine the circumstances, your attorney will work with additional parties that are associated with the accident.

Accidents in the Workplace:

The accidents occurred at the workplace also come under personal injury cases. Workplace accidents enable you to get the appropriate compensations for the accidents happened during the working hours. If you are a victim of a workplace injury, consult a reputed law firm immediately. With their vast knowledge about the legalities involved with Workers Compensation cases, they can help you to turn the case in your favour.

Slip & Fall:

All the cases related to slip and falls can be very life threatening and lead to several injuries. There are many things to consider when these cases happen in the society. The unsafe conditions can be a major reason of occurring such cases, including the  wet pavement, etc.  It can be a fault of the property manager or building owner. The legal assistance of an attorney helps to assess the case. 

Apart from these, there are many other reasons that can cause personal injury to an individual. The use of defective products, medical malpractice, and assault, are the other examples of personal injury cases. It is not easy for a common man to understand the complexities of the personal injury cases and this is the reason why the personal injury lawyers are preferred to hire for the legal representation of your case.

Emma Ahmed

She Always Had Hope – Eman Ahmed is Ready for Her Visit to India for Treatment


Eman Ahmed (Egypt) 500kgs, reportedly weighed 11 pounds (5 kg), and by the age of 11, she'd started to put on weight. She had to start using her knees to move around. Since she was child, she was suffering from thyroid problems.

She stopped going to school when she was in fifth grade because her thyroid problems worsened up. There was no wheelchair to fit her size. She could not carry her weight and had to use her knees to reach the car in the parking lot. Eman’s younger sister said she did not live life as everyone does. She didn’t enjoy her childhood and has been battling her illness for 36 years.

Emma Ahmed
Emma Ahmed

She didn’t leave her room in over two decades, remained trap insider her family home. Two years ago she went through a stroke that impaired her speech and mobility. Her sister started a social media campaign that gave her and their family a little hope.

Her suffering caught the attention of renowned Mumbai-based surgeon, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, who set up a fund-raising proposal to call her to India. This opportunity is a big hope for Eman to live her life normally. But Eman had difficulty getting her visa initially. She was not able to visit Indian embassy herself. On request from Dr. Lakdawala and on tweeting to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, it was agreed to help hurry up the visa.

Dr. Lakdawala will be taking all the precautions during the operation. The operation will help Eman to move and bend and weigh less than 220 pounds (100kg).  This will take around three and a half years and she will have to stay in Mumbai. Her sister Shaimaa collected the visas Wednesday and says that she has a belief that the doctor will put forth his best effort.

stephanie g. ovadia

Stephanie Ovadia - A Veteran Long Island Lawyer


“The law office of Stephanie Ovadia has provided legal assistance to thousands of individuals in the personal injury matter and helped them to get deserving settlements.”

The law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia is situated at Long Island in South Hampstead. Her primary area of practice is personal injury cases. But her legal practice is expanded to many other sectors as well. She also takes case of entertainment law and contract negotiation. She provides free initial consultation for potential personal injury cases. 
Stephanie G. Ovadia

Personal Injury
Personal injury can put a person through physical and mental anguish and can create a pile of medical expenses which can be difficult to meet. It is important to have a personal injury attorney who can help the victim by evaluating the case and filing for a lawsuit. Stephanie Ovadia has represented thousands of individuals in the field of personal injury law including car accidents, slips and falls, etc.

Product Liability
The law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia located on Long Island has provided legal representation for many clients for over two decades. Product liability can happen due to many reasons including a breach of warranty, negligence and manufacturing defects. A lawyer is needed to make sure that the consumer protection laws are getting implicated in the product liability case. It is demonstrated in the court that the product was defective and not safe for the user.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is another area where she excels and has assisted numerous clients to have their rightful compensation. Medical malpractice can occur when a healthcare professional acts in a manner which deviates from the accepted practice or is negligent to the patient in such a  way that patient goes through life-altering condition.

Improper medication, surgical error or wrong diagnosis of a medical condition are some instances of medical malpractice and legal assistance of veteran layers is required to review and evaluate a medical malpractcie case because of its complexity. She provides free consultation to the prospective clients.

Dog attack attorney

Extent Of Dog Attack Injuries And How An Attorney Can Help In The Case


Dog bite wounds are source of many medical problems that no one desires to cope up with in their whole lives. Dog attacks might not be as rare as you think but you can never be rest ensured that they will not occur.

These often occur accidentally and people are not be able to see them coming. One thing that you should be acquainted with is that there are some factors that you should take into consideration when you face such a situation.

When a dog attacks, you are bound to attain serious injuries and several kinds of known and unknown wounds. These injuries may involve  lacerations, abrasions, tissue damage, fractured bones, cuts, and tissue infection.

Dogs normally pounce on their victim's face and the face is highly susceptible to disfigurement and scarring. Young children are regularly the ones exposed to face attacks due to their small size. Therefore, people should make sure that they defend children from dog attacks.

  • Some bites may need surgical treatment particularly if they affect the damage of deep tissue, bones and nerves. Plastic surgery may be required to improve disfigured features.

  • There are a lot of reasons why a dog may attack a person such as protection of its owner, fear or to show dominance. There are also some laws put in place to guard dog owners and the general public.

  • Every dog owner needs to get a license for their dog each and every year and in most cases needs the owner to show proof of certain vaccinations. When a dog is not within the confines of the owner's property it is the owner's responsibility to have the dog on a leash or some type of a restrictive device.

  • In such a cases, hiring a dog bite lawyer is the correct option. There is no denying that it is the incident that can cause dangerous damage to a person’s body. In fact, if it is severe, it can cause the death.  

Therefore, hire a lawyer who is also normally known as a personal injury attorney. These professionals tackle with all kinds of wounds, and they assist people every day. No doubt when this kind of incident happens, it is only because someone has not kept their pet in their own yard.

When you choose a dog bite lawyer, they will examine the whole event. This may need talking to eyewitnesses and doing research. One thing the lawyer will have to prove is that the wounded person did not provoke the dog in any way. After that, they calculate the total amount of money  to demand from the defendant and provide the deserving money to the victim.

Stephanie G. Ovadia is an expert on the subject matter and has years of experience in dealing with related cases. She will get to the root cause of the problem and help you secure the right compensation for all your troubles.

Radio show host

Want To Make Your Future As A Radio Show Host?


Speaking as a guest on a radio show is fantastic means to reach your target audience and for them to hear your message and without you having to invest in placing an advert.

One of your objectives when performing on a radio show is to make sure that you get invited back - perfectly as a regular guest expert.You can research the shows that will be admissible to your target audience at any official website of radio.

Stephanie Ovadia

 Think to get some practice with your local public or commercial radio stations before you go to the mainstream media.

As a radio show host, people are always on the lookout for a great guest who they can invite time and again to share their expertise and ideas and of course entertain the audience. Keep in mind all radio shows to mark their success by the number of their audience, which for commercial radio stations can be turned into advertising wealth.

Here you can find the 5 facts building your personal brand as a great radio show guest and enhance your possibility of being asked back again onto a radio show as a guest expert.

Be Accessible Easily
Make it convenient to do business with you - that covers the very basics in terms of returning phone calls or emails from the radio show researcher or producer.This may sound very basic, but mostly, when a radio show viewer contacts you, it is to ask you to appear on the show that day or the next day.

Therefore, if you are putting yourself as a specialist and support to your radio station, don't turn off your mobile phone. A radio show researcher is absurd to call you a second time if they can not contact you.

Understand The Radio Show's Motives:
Always ensure to examine the radio show you are thinking to propose so that you find the tone of the show and the style of the radio show host.Recognise the show host will guide the discussion - after all, they are concerned about their status with their audiences.

When you are cornered by the radio show to be a guest, don't be the scam by the phone conversation with the researcher. They are pre-screening you to see if you would be someone who will be insisting and exciting for their guests to listen to.

Prepare your listening abilities so that you can tune into the areas they want to address on the show, take notes of the areas they are going to report on the show and keep your verbal replies in the pre-show interview concise and appropriate so that you get sured as a guest for the radio show.

Be Entertaining And Interesting:
Remember, the radio show host and the producer of the show are eager to make sure that their listener numbers are ever rising. They are therefore seeking for guests that will give information and entertain their audience.

Stephanie Ovadia is one of the most popular radio show host. In order to get more information regarding this, you may check her official website.

dog bite lawyer

Appropriate Legal Assistance After A Dog Bite Incident


Every year, a large number of people become the victims to dog bites - that came from someone else's dog. In this situation, the owner of the dog is liable to compensate the victim who gets injured. To get the maximum compensation for your claim, you need to prove the owner’s negligence in keeping the animal under control.

The law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia is expert in handling several cases of dog bite. If you or anyone you know is bitten by the dog, contact your dog bite lawyer immediately. They are competent enough to determine the facts and maximizing your chances of getting the compensation for your injuries.

A number of injuries are caused by the dog’s bite. Sometimes, a dog bite may result in death of a person. Every year, many people are  hospitalized because of dog bite. It can also bring permanent scarring on your body. A dog bite attack may also cause infection, which  is another serious concern.

You may need a plastic surgery, depending on the severity of the bite. These incidents can have an emotional impact on the victim as they develop a dog phobia. It is always beneficial to contact a highly qualified attorney who is aware of the damages that dog bites may cause a person, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Hospitalization
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Re-constructive surgeries
  • Emotional trauma

Don’t hesitate to consult an attorney If you have been injured due to a dog bite. To evaluate your claim, an attorney can provide you the best legal assistance. The most commonly asked question regarding the dog bite is if a home-owner’s or renter’s insurance policy will cover a dog biting incident.

The truth is that it depends on the nature of the policy. In some cases, many insurance policies do cover dog biting incidents. Try to examine what is excluded from any insurance policy that is a very difficult task to do. There are some insurance companies exclude dangerous breeds” from coverage.
On the other hand, there are many others that exclude all dogs or other animals from coverage. An insurance policy covers dog biting incidents for an added premium only under certain situations. These premiums may or may not have been paid.

It can be very hard for a non attorney to determine whether insurance exists or not. Only a knowledgeable attorney can present a dog biting case to insurance companies, in order to process the claim in an efficient manner.

Lawsuit For Compensation

Know Your Right: Slip & Fall Lawsuit For Compensation


Slip and fall injury is a common occurrence that can cause disastrous injuries which can have a serious, life altering effects. In the worst case scenario, the result can also be a wrongful death. The common causes of slip and fall accidents can be wet floors, unlit staircase, construction site defects which can cause harmful injury. 

In order to get a settlement, you have to prove in court the liability of the property owner due to which the accident was caused. In common slip and fall cases, it is proved in the court that the victim slipped and got injured because the cause was a dangerous condition which the owner wilfully ignored.

That dangerous condition must present a condition that the injured person could not have anticipated the risk on the property due to which the fall occurred. For a property manager or owner to be liable, the condition should have been checked by the owner and corrected it. Or if the situation has been created by the owner himself.

There must be some party whom you can put the responsibility for the fall whose negligence caused the accident. Sometimes, the slip and fall accident can occur to the the person’s own negligence. When the slip and fall accident happens on a property that is owned by a state body, then there are special rules that apply.

There are always immunity provisions and strict notice requirements which protect the government entities from the liability for injuries sustained on their property. You should always discuss the slip and fall with a veteran attorney who can evaluate the case. You should do this within a time limit where you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

In order to prove the damages, your lawyer has to prove through proper documents that you lost your income using pay records and tax returns. Medical records and bills must be submitted, which can be rather tricky to obtain. Law firms take care of this job and track down the medical bills and records from your healthcare providers.

After getting all your medical reports, the lawyer then has to evaluate the level of pain and loss you are suffering due to injury. Sometimes, the slip and fall can occur to due broken or defective stairs. The debris should be cleared off from the stairs and it is the duty of the property owner to provide proper lighting in the stairwell and a sturdy handrail on the sides. The Stairs should have a same depth and rise with visible edges.  

Stephanie Ovadia is a Slip & Fall lawyer who provides a legal assistance to the Long Islanders and the surrounding areas. Consult her law office for free initial consultation.

assault battery lawyer

Hire A Car Accident Lawyer For The Legal Representation


Most of the car accidents occur due to the negligence of another driver. Before it gets too late, it is a wise idea to consult a lawyer. Without a lawyer, it is not possible to get the maximum compensation for your claims. The followings are the reasons that are the main cause of a car accident:

  • Defect in manufacturing parts of the vehicle.
  • Drink and Drive.
  • Driver feeling sleepy.
  • Use of phone while driving.
  • Loud music in the car.

The victim has to suffer a lot, if an attorney is not hired by the party. It can be very frustrating for a single person to handle all the affairs. These accidents can be avoided by considering the following aspects:

  • Obey the traffic rules.
  • Avoid over-speeding.
  • Don’t overtake.
  • Look both ways before entering an intersection.

If we talk about a car accident, the starting point is to contact the insurance company. New York is said to be a no fault insurance state. A no fault insurance claim mainly  focuses on the payment of medical expenses. This claim is usually filed with the insurance company. There are many benefits of no fault insurance such as:

  • Lost Wages.
  • Death Benefits.
  • All other reasonable and necessary expenses incurred.
  • Medical Expenses.

The Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia has many years of experience in handling the car accident cases on Long Island and throughout the surrounding area for decades.

assault battery lawyer

Protect Your Rights With Assault And Battery Lawyer


Is any of your loved one has been a victim of assault and battery? Don’t hesitate to contact the law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia. To get the personal legal assistance, contact her immediately. The protection of your rights should be given the utmost importance.

Physical assaultation is a crime and no one deserves to be assaulted physically as well as mentally. Consulting an assault lawyer has been always as ideal decision. She has handled thousands of such cases to help the people on Long Island and throughout the surrounding area for decades.

They understand that how painful it is to be assaulted by someone. Such incidents not only weaken a person physically, but emotionally as well. This can have an emotional impact on a person’s life. Only an assault injury attorney can guide an individual in the wake of a physical assault. The whole process of assault and battery include the following steps:

  • An objective evaluation of the events.
  • Evaluation of injuries.
  • Interrogation process.

From car incidents to defamation,  She has the experience to tackle all the cases under different situations. G. Ovadia has chosen personal injury practice, a primary area of practice in New York. More than the thousand clients has resolved their all issues related to the personal injury matters.

Initial consultation is free for all potential personal injury claims. The legal practice of her is not confined to the personal injury law. In addition to personal injury, she has given assistance in various other areas that include:

  • Entertainment law.
  • Contract drafting.

When we talk about Assault and Battery, these are two separate kinds of tortious behaviour.  Both have different meaning which are interchanged and used wrongly. If we talk about battery, it is a physical contact with a person that is not acceptable. This can involve a weapon such as a gun, but not always in the form of an attack. On the other hand, assault is a kind of threat to an individual before any contact is made. It takes the form of assault and battery once the contact is made.

Most of the time, these two terms are paired together. Basically, an assault is an intentional threat to cause physical harm to an individual. Battery means to touch an individual intentionally against that person's will.

Always contact an attorney who is licensed with years of legal experience. Hiring an attorney is always a wise decision to recover damages caused by an assault or battery. Thus, you get an opportunity to get the compensation for lost wages, etc. Before it is too late, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Choosing an attorney is a tough decision, so don’t take it in a hurry.

Falsely accused case

Tips to Follow if You are Falsely Accused in a Case


Have you been falsely accused? Some questions may arise: How serious are the charges? What are you supposed to do? What are your legal rights? It is critical to use the services of a qualified attorney as soon as you are falsely charged with a criminal offence.  

You are a victim of false arrest when someone declares to have the authority to arrest you and puts you under arrest against your will without probable cause.  Probable cause leads a reasonable person to assume that a crime has been committed. But if you are innocent but are placed under arrest then you most likely have a case.

 There are some things that can protect your after being falsely accused:

Realize the importance of false accusations: The consequence can be serious if you have been accused of criminal offence. Even if you haven’t done it the charges can still be serious. The charges shouldn’t be taken lightly. The outcome of false accusation will greatly be affected by what you do today. If you do not take the right steps now, you may suffer major legal ramifications in the future.

Prepare for the costs of your defence: If you have been falsely accused of crime such as rape, sexual abuse, or domestic violence you will face charges with a high risk of conviction. You need to have an expert witness and other evidence may also be required. An easy way to defend yourself against serious allegations may cost you a lot more in the long run.  

Document your case: You will have to write the details of your case which will be helpful for you and your defence attorneys. Any false accusations need to be kept in track. When you find any relevant information document it and convey it to your attorney. This will save your time and money and be helpful for your defence.

Educate yourself: You yourself need to understand what’s happening. A competent attorney will handle many particulars of your case and it is important to learn about the allegation you face. Keep yourself updated through sources that provide detailed information about criminal offences and the legal system.

Compile a list of possible witnesses: It is your right to gather witnesses in your defence. Make a list of potential witnesses and include their name, address, contact details, place of employment. Your criminal defence with the help of this information can decide which witnesses will most strongly boost your case.

A local attorney who has experience representing clients is the only person you should talk to for legal help. Stephanie Ovadia a personal injury lawyer in Long Island, has handled many cases on false arrest and other realms of personal injury. She has also extended her practice into contract law and entertainment.

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