Stephanie Ovadia - A Veteran Long Island Lawyer


“The law office of Stephanie Ovadia has provided legal assistance to thousands of individuals in the personal injury matter and helped them to get deserving settlements.”

The law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia is situated at Long Island in South Hampstead. Her primary area of practice is personal injury cases. But her legal practice is expanded to many other sectors as well. She also takes case of entertainment law and contract negotiation. She provides free initial consultation for potential personal injury cases. 
Stephanie G. Ovadia

Personal Injury
Personal injury can put a person through physical and mental anguish and can create a pile of medical expenses which can be difficult to meet. It is important to have a personal injury attorney who can help the victim by evaluating the case and filing for a lawsuit. Stephanie Ovadia has represented thousands of individuals in the field of personal injury law including car accidents, slips and falls, etc.

Product Liability
The law office of Stephanie G. Ovadia located on Long Island has provided legal representation for many clients for over two decades. Product liability can happen due to many reasons including a breach of warranty, negligence and manufacturing defects. A lawyer is needed to make sure that the consumer protection laws are getting implicated in the product liability case. It is demonstrated in the court that the product was defective and not safe for the user.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is another area where she excels and has assisted numerous clients to have their rightful compensation. Medical malpractice can occur when a healthcare professional acts in a manner which deviates from the accepted practice or is negligent to the patient in such a  way that patient goes through life-altering condition.

Improper medication, surgical error or wrong diagnosis of a medical condition are some instances of medical malpractice and legal assistance of veteran layers is required to review and evaluate a medical malpractcie case because of its complexity. She provides free consultation to the prospective clients.

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