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Legal Factors For Victims Of Assault & Battery In New York


Assault and battery is frightening situation when an individual is threatened with violence and then physically harmed on purpose. It is a tragic event that can lead to severe consequences including pain and suffering along with emotional trauma. Victims and their families demand justice, which they rightfully deserve. And, the justice can be obtained through a lawsuit.

However, there are several legal factors that a victim of assault and battery should know.
  • It may be possible that an assault and/or battery lawsuit is heard in both criminal and civil court in New York.
  • To prove your claim in assault, you need to prove in court that the defendant intended to cause you harm or for you to believe that you would be subjected to harm.
  • And, to prove your claim for battery, you will need to prove in court that the person at fault actually made physical contact with you to cause you harm.
  • There are several evidence that can prove your claim in court. It includes police reports, surveillance video footage, and the first responder statements. Witness statements can also help you prove your claim in court.
  • Victims may get reimbursement for medical bills and compensation for their sufferings if they were hospitalized because of assault and battery. In addition, victims may be able to recover lost wages through their lawsuit.

However, you need a professional attorney’s help to represent your case in court. It is essential to find a recognized and professional personal injury lawyer to legally represent your case and win it against the expert attorneys of defendant.

Stephanie Ovadia is a noted personal injury lawyer in New York, who has been practicing for more than three decades. She earned her law degree from Southwestern Law School in 1984. She has appeared as a legal commentator on FOX 5 and various news stations.

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Important Tips To Consider While Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal Injuries can happen to anyone, and sometimes due to the fault of others. For such cases, it is advisable to hire a professional legal representation for settlement on or outside the court. Personal Injury Lawyers like Stephanie Ovadia bring a lot to the table with them so that you get proper justice. However, before choosing a defence lawyer you should keep some factors in mind that help in making the right decision.

Read on for some of the tips that can assist you in hiring the best Personal Injury Lawyer.

Experience: The foremost thing you need to consider is the experience of the lawyer and expertise of his support staff. The legal advisor should have an extensive knowledge about legal matters in general and personal injury matters in particular. Be sure to ask them about their previous clients’ cases, success rate and the case volume history.

Better Understanding: Another important aspect to consider is the level of understanding you have with the lawyer. You need to feel a sense of comfort around your lawyer. Make sure your lawyer is well aware of any other specific needs or demands regarding your case.

Cost: One of the most regarded factors in choosing a personal injury attorney is cost. Some lawyers don’t charge any money unless and until you win the case. Others charge additional fees in certain scenarios such as travel expenses. Make sure to clear all the cost and trial duration aspects before the trial begins.

Support Staff: Legal advisor’s and lawyers usually don’t work alone. Most of the times they are accompanied by a support team for paperwork and research purposes. A lawyer working with a talented staff is an added advantage and will only improve your chances of success in the long run.

These are some of the things to pay heed to while choosing a personal injury lawyer. Seek personal attorneys who honour your needs and have no objection representing them.

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Suffered Bicycle Injuries Due To Road Defects? What Are Your Legal Options?


Bicycle is the easier and more cost effective transportation option compared to others. This is the reason why it is used all around the world. However, the number of bicycle accidents is increasing rapidly. And many times, road defects are the reasons behind these accidents.

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There are mainly 2 types of road defects that are mentioned below.

Potholes – Potholes are one of the biggest reasons that result in bicycle accidents and injuries. Many bicyclers get injured because they are unable to see potholes on road, which leads to accidents.

Poor road conditions – Poorly maintained roadways are another reason behind these accidents.
Municipalities are responsible for managing roads and if you get injured due to poor road conditions, then you can claim compensation for your injuries and sufferings and the municipality may be liable to pay for it. You can file a lawsuit and this is your legal option.

However, there are several things that you need to know in this context.

  • The first thing is to determine the correct municipal entity in which the accident occurred. It is essential to determine jurisdiction. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult. But, you can get essential legal help from an attorney for this purpose.
  • You should know that you need to file a notice of claim within the 90 days of the occurrence of your bicycle accident where a municipality may be liable.
  • It is also essential that you give proper notice to the correct municipal entity that holds liability.

In case of a private ownership, in which the victim got injured on a private property like parking lot, the owner is held liable for the accident and injuries. And, there is no need to give them prior notice before filing for a compensation claim.

Stephanie Ovadia is a recognized personal injury attorney who practices law at the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia. She has more than thirty years of experience in this law field.

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Steps You Should Take To File A Product Liability Lawsuit


Getting injured because of a defective product is a situation where you suffer injuries on both physical and trust level. It is the responsibility of a manufacturer to warn customers regarding a product’s side effects or dangers. In addition, it is also their responsibility to provide quality products to clients without any design or manufacturing defect.

Stephanie Ovadia - Product Liability Lawyer

However, it is not uncommon for people to suffer because of defective products. This is why the number of relevant liability lawsuits is increasing. These lawsuits are every manufacturer’s nightmare. On the other hand, these lawsuits prove to be horrifying for the victims too as they are the ones who suffered because of a defective item.

However, here are the steps that you should take to file a product lawsuit.

Take pictures – Pictures can be your evidence to prove the destructiveness of a defective product. You should take the pictures of the item, the scene and the injury too. It will help you verify your claim in the court effectively proving that the manufacturer was at fault.

Preserve the product (if possible) – If it is possible, you should preserve the defective item to prove your claim in the court. You can also opt for the expert examination of the offending item, so that it can be presented in the court as a critical piece of evidence in the favour of your product liability claim.

Documentation – This is another thing that you can present as the evidence in court. It includes the box in which the item was packed, its instructions or user manuals, directions, sales receipt and more.

Contact a professional attorney – This is your last step in the direction of a product liability claim. Contact a professional lawyer such as Stephanie Ovadia.

Stephanie Ovadia is a noted attorney who practices in various law fields including personal injury and product liability.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


You will probably want to put your case in the hands of a personal injury lawyer if you have been seriously injured in an accident with the other party being at fault. Look for someone who has good experience in handling your type of personal injury claim. Other things to consider when hiring a lawyer for your case are:

personal injury lawyer - Stephanie Ovadia

Firstly, consider if you want to hire a local firm or a big firm. A local firm will generally give more time to you and your case.

•    Will the lawyer charge you for an initial consultation?
Usually lawyers offer a free ’30 minute’ consultation and the consultation go for an hour, you won’t be charged for that additional time. You must clarify this with your lawyer before hand or you will be at risk of being stuck with an unexpected bill.

•    Will the lawyer simplify the legal process for you?
If at the end of a meeting or conversation you feel more confused or powerless than before, then probably your lawyer does not communicate well nor has proper knowledge.

•    Does the lawyer deal with cases efficiently and effectively?
You can ask your lawyers for examples. Lawyers can often provide you with lists of case won that are relevant to your situation. If you get the feeling that the lawyer doesn’t have much experience resolving your kind of case, trust your instincts and find a lawyer who will be confident enough to handle your case.

It’s best to work with someone like Stephanie Ovadia, whom you can trust and will support you in your case representing you and your rights. Stephanie G. Ovadia is a mother of eight and has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. She earned her law degree from Southwestern Law School in 1984. Her practice includes cases of medical malpractice, car accidents, bullying, wrongful deaths and many more.

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Qualities That Make a Good Personal Injury Lawyer


A personal injury can happen anywhere, while driving, during medical treatment or even at work. You cannot escape them. Your only option is handling them well in order to prevent further damage. And in these situations, you need a personal injury lawyer by your side. However, it is very important to find a good personal injury attorney in your area.

Stephanie Ovadia

Therefore, here are some of the most important qualities that make a good personal injury lawyer.
  • Good Communicators - A good attorney is always an excellent communicator. This is important not only for winning cases in court but also to keep clients aware of the every step of their case. Therefore, before choosing a personal injury lawyer, make sure you are comfortable in communicating with them, asking them questions and so on. A clear and open communication is very important between you and them.

  • Responsive - A good attorney is always responsive to any inquiry by clients. Therefore, make sure that the attorney you choose responds to your questions timely and with proper information.
  • Experience - It is proven that many of the skills and knowledge is acquired by an individual from personal experiences. And, personal injury attorneys are no different. So, make sure to choose a legal expert who has years of experience in this law field with a proven track record.

  • Organized - During a personal injury case, a lot of things are required to be taken care of such as paperwork, deadlines etc. So, choose a lawyer who is organized and is serious about the work.

Stephanie Ovadia is a popular personal injury lawyer who has helped people with different personal injury matters such as motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, false arrest, car accident, assault & battery, dog bite and more.

She has been practising attorney for over 30 years now. She received her degree from Southwestern Law School in 1984. Moreover, she is very famous on different news station and is a popular host of her own radio show, the Stephanie O Show on 103.9 FM, LI News Radio.

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