Raise Your Voice Against Assault And Battery


Assault and Battery are two different terms that are usually paired together. But, these terms are the two sides of a same coin. When we talk about the assault, it refers to an illegal as well as an intentional threat to cause physical harm to someone. On the other hand, Battery is a sort of intentional physical contact.

The Law Office of Stephanie Ovadia has years of experience in offering personal injury legal assistance to its clients. Consulting a reputed attorney plays a pivotal role If any of your loved one has become the victim of assault or battery. No one should be physically assaulted.

In some cases, Assault and battery is also the result of a domestic violence when husbands beat up their wives. In our day to day life, we hear many news about teens who get involved in a brawl. As per the criminal law, both of these offences are very serious that can lead to disastrous results. Both of these offenses are very serious and can lead towards disastrous results. Serious legal outcomes of these offences include:

  • A Permanent criminal record
  • Imprisonment
  • Loss of legal right to carry arms

Liabilities Toward The Victim

Those who become the victim of assault and battery has the legal right to get the proper compensation for their claims,depending on the severity as well as the type of injury. In case of the physical injury, the accused is forced to pay all the expenses to the victim of the following damages such as:

  • Physical harm
  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription drugs
  • Long absences from work

Consult a powerful attorney as soon as possible If you or anyone you know has been victim of Assault And Battery. To get the maximum compensation for your claims, it is advised to seek the legal services of an attorney. They can help you with proper guidance about your rights and your defense. When you become the victim of these offenses, don’t hesitate to inform your local authorities. By gathering sufficient evidence, they represent your case in the best possible way.

According to the United States law, an individual may be charged with one of the two crimes or charged with both at the same time, as both the terms are closely associated. The major difference between the crimes is whether the physical contact with the victim is made or not.

There are different levels of assault as well as battery. To commit assault without committing battery is as possible as to commit battery without assault. There are basically two forms of Assault. One is assault and another one is aggravated assault.

Aggravated assault refers to assaulting someone by using a deadly weapon, a firearm or knife. All types of threats come under Assault. On the contrary, Battery is usually categorized into various subcategories. For example, some sexual crimes, including the domestic violence and abuse may be considered forms of battery.

It is recommended to seek legal defence whenever you are involved in such crimes. Legal assistance of a knowledgeable attorney can help you to win the case with the strong legal representation in the court.

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