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Time To Get Legal Assistance

When you or any of your loved one becomes the victim of a dog bite, consult the best attorney immediately without putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. The Law Office Of Stephanie G. Ovadia has years of experience in handling the numerous dog bite related cases for people on Long Island and throughout the surrounding area for decades. 

Life Threatening Dog’s Bite Incidents

Many a times, the dog’s bite can lead you towards the severe consequences. You may experience the dog phobia for the rest of your life that can be unbearable to you. You need an attorney to deal deal with the dog bite cases.  Though a dog is said to be man’s best friend, yet they are capable of inflicting serious injuries.

Consequences of Dog Bite

There are numerous injuries that can be caused by the horrible bite of a dog. Sometimes, these incidents may lead the victim towards death or the person may experience long-term hospitalization. There are chances of permanent scarring as well that is a long lasting outcome of a dog bite attack. 

Not only this, the worst part of the dog bite is an issue related to infection. The victim may need a plastic surgery, but it depends on the severity of the injury. Thus, this incident can have a negative impact on the psyche of the person. This seems one of the worst condition that a person may ever face.

Top Reasons To Hire An Attorney

For the proper medical care, the victim has to pay a lot of dollars. Sometimes, the medical expenses may reach beyond your reach. This is the reason why you need a qualified attorney to represent your case in an effective way. To recover all the medical expenses and assist you in reaching a proper settlement, the assistance of an attorney can work a lot.  They are expert in negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company as well as the owner of the dog.

The negligence of the dog’s owner is a strong ground to file a case against the accused of the dog bite injury. Thus, an owner becomes liable to compensate you for all the expenses, including the quality time wasted, psychological effects, physical pain, etc.

No need to worry even about the complex case when you have a powerful attorney to fight for your rights and justice.

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