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As per the United States law, Assault and battery are two legal terms, but  always paired together as an offence, containing different meanings which are often wrongly used interchangeably. In the context of tort law, these terms have two different legal meanings and can happen in two different situations.
Assault & Battery

Both these terms are closely related, so a person may be charged with one of the two crimes, but often they are charged together. An assault refers to create a fear of an imminent attack. On the other hand, battery is an actual act of violence. In this case, a person tries to strike the other person.

Physical assault and battery is a serious crime. No one has right to assault and battery the other person as it can lead to the victim towards the hazardous results. Consulting a knowledgeable attorney can be a very good decision, if anyone is experiencing such a tragic event.

Only an assault attorney can guide you in a proper way with the  best legal assistance. Stephanie Ovadia is efficient enough to handle assault and battery cases for people on Long Island, in New York and the surrounding areas of New York State with years of experience in the same industry.

Stephanie Ovadia understands the pain of the victims, especially the mental agony caused by such tragic events. The major difference between assault and battery is a bodily contact. Assault causes a threat of bodily contact and battery is a physical act of bodily contact. For example, getting hit is a battery, but fear of hit is an assault.

Both these terms are coupled together because one may first create a fear of the physical impact and then receive the physical impact. Both the assault and battery occur in different situations such as domestic violence, etc. Civil assault must not be confused with criminal assault that is a different legal concept. Both the assault and battery are intentional torts.

There are different levels of assault and battery. One can commit an assault without committing battery. In the same way, battery can also be committed without committing assault. Basically, the assault has two forms: assault and aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is an act of creating fear in the mind of victim by using the weapons. Assault covers all the types of threats in a broad way.

When we talk about battery, it can be divided into many subcategories. Some sexual crimes come under different forms of battery. It is very important to take initiative steps against such crimes. Take the help of an attorney to fight against such crimes.

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