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The worst part of bullying has been seen in the society for many years. There was a time when bullying used to occur only on the playground at school, etc. With the advancements in the technology, bullying has become more hazardous than before. Bullying may take a variety of forms such as verbal as well as physical. 

These days, cyber crimes are on the height with the growth of the Internet. Cyber bullying is one of the easiest forms to target their victims. Bullying can lead the victim towards  physical and emotional trauma. Stephanie Ovadia is a renowned advocate, providing free consultation against bullying and she has given several lectures on this topic.

Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney, If you or a loved one is experiencing bullying. Bullying shows an aggressive behaviour of an accused who try to harm or humiliate the victim. It usually exhibits a kind of power imbalance. Both the verbal and the non-verbal are the two forms of bullying. Fighting and pushing, all these come under physical bullying. On the other hand, verbal bullying involves name calling, rumour spreading, etc.

It may happen that the victim of bullying is experiencing the both forms of bullying. It is a common scenario where the bullying starts from a verbal form, then it turns into the physical form. It is a fact that bullying is prevalent in school children, but such cases are also confronted in the workplace, and the online dating world as well. By following the below mentioned steps, one can avoid bullying at work place in a number of ways.

  • Try to identify the workplace bullying policy.
  • Consult the Human Resource Officer.
  • Keep a record of all incidents.
  • Consult with a counselor.


Cyberbullying is the latest phenomenon, prevailing in the modern society with the use of the internet. Cyber bullying may occur in many forms. Social media abuse is one of the forms of cyberbullying. Most of the people post unpleasant things on the social media accounts of the others.

The victim is found to be humiliated by their peers on the social networking sites such as Facebook, etc. Impersonation is the other form of cyber bullying. In this case, an accused pretends to be a victim and post the things that the victim had never said. Hiring an attorney is always the best idea as an attorney is efficient enough to handle all the bullying cases very tactfully.

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