Slip & Fall Lawsuits – What You Should Know Before Filing A Claim


Slipping and falling are the incidents that everyone has faced at least once in their lifetime, if not more. These incidents can be very hazardous for one as they can lead to severe injuries. Such injuries may require a trip to hospital, stitches, medical treatment and in some worst case, lifetime treatment. And the lost wages are another thing that you have to worry about.

In overall, slipping and falling is an incident that can cost you a lot. So, why not claim justice for your sufferings? When it is another party or person’s fault that you slipped or tripped and fell, you are entitled to claim justice and financial compensation to recover from the damages caused by the incident.

Here are some aspects that you should know about such lawsuits –

  • A property’s owner is responsible for maintaining the premises to ensure that it is safe for pedestrians or other people. If not, then the victim is entitled to file a claim against the owner.
  • There are many factors like ice, snow, wet floors, and uneven pavement that can lead you to trip, slip, and fall. Defective, missing, or non-sturdy handrails may result in a person falling on staircases.
  • You can file a claim against the party at fault to recover financial compensation for injuries, mental suffering and lost wages.
  • In your claim, you will have to prove that you suffered a serious injury due to the incidents. For this purpose, you will require to document the existence and severity of your injury.
  • You should gather evidence that prove the fault of the defender or other party in court. It includes pictures, medical reports, a report with the appropriate channel such as landlord, management company and more.

Furthermore, hire a professional attorney like Stephanie Ovadia to represent your case.

Stephanie Ovadia is an experienced lawyer who practices in personal injury cases in New York.

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