The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer


Many individuals are unfamiliar with the role of a personal injury lawyer. They have no knowledge of what legal representation they need.

Personal injury may include anything from a car accident to medical malpractice claims. Medical malpractice constitutes any injury caused by medical professionals when they fail to perform their duties due to negligence.

In all these cases, the victim can hire a personal injury lawyer who will help obtain full and fair compensation.

In a medical malpractice case the lawyers will properly review all your medical records and diagnosis reports and decide whether you have grounds for a lawsuit. If he finds it suitable he will file a lawsuit and help you in every respect throughout the legal proceedings.

The lawyers have the sole responsibility of interviewing their client and then building the case after proper research.

The ultimate goal of the lawyer is to make sure that the person who caused the accident accepts responsibility and pays his client the compensation owed for his losses including loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, physical and emotional suffering, and legal costs and fee.

Every personal injury lawyer will perform these particular tasks for you in typical cases of injury : Investigate the accident, photograph the scene, Interview the witness, gather evidence, gather medical records, communicate with insurance companies, file a lawsuit, draft pleadings and litigate the case to conclusion.

The lawyer may offer several payment options to his clients like contingency fee, hourly rate or flat fee. In hourly rate system, the lawyer may delay your case for his incentives. Otherwise, the lawyers pay the expenses and perform their work and if they are unsuccessful, the clients owe them nothing.

Stephanie ovadia is one of the licensed personal injury lawyers in New York. She is a lawyer and a radio show host. She lives on Long Island and practices law at the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia. She has been practicing for over thirty years as a lawyer. Her graduation is from Southwestern University School of Law and started practicing soon after graduation.

The Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia provides legal assistance and counsel in personal injury cases to people on Long Island and surrounding areas. Stephanie Ovadia has handled all types of personal injury cases including medical malpractice claims.


What Are The Major Causes of Car Accidents?


Every year, car accidents result in hundreds and thousands of injuries and deaths. Driver’s negligence causes fatal results. Victims have to suffer various physical and emotional traumas.

There are various reasons that lead to car accidents, which are stated below-
  • Reckless driving- Failing to follow the traffic rules and over speeding is the reason behind car accidents worldwide.
  • Driver fatigue- Driver falling asleep due to hectic work schedule or tiredness causes roadway fatalities.
  • Defective automobile- Auto defects such as tire burst, brake failure etc. are also other reasons that cause accidents and severe injuries to people.
  • Drunk driving- Driving under the influence of a narcotic substance can result in disastrous outcomes. According to studies, there is increased probability of car accidents when driver is under the influence of alcohol.
  • Rubber-necking- Driver watching other things on the road such as other accidents, looking at sunsets, and nice views instead of concentrating on the driving, distracts him, which may result in an accident.
  • Use of cellphone - Use of phone while driving is another reason behind increased number of accidents on the roads.
  • Other reasons behind distracted driving- Distractions like eating, smoking, listening to loud music or talking with other passenger in the vehicle are few other reasons behind distracted driving which result in accidents.
In any of the above-mentioned case of car accident, victim can hold the driver liable for his injuries. Victim can file a lawsuit against the driver and claim financial compensations for the injuries and suffering.

Lawyer will help the victim get rightful compensation in proportion to the level of injuries, medical expenses, emotional sufferings, lost wages and more.
Stephanie Ovadia is an experienced personal injury lawyer. She provides legal assistance to clients in assault & battery, bicycle accident, bullying, dog bite, car accident, defamation, and medical malpractice cases. She completed her law degree from the Southwestern Law School in 1984.

Stephanie Ovadia has been fighting personal injury lawsuits for more than 30 years.


What You Should Do If Someone Tries To Defame You?


When a false statement damages the image of a person, business group, or company, it is considered defamation. Whether the false statement is communicated deliberately or without any harmful intentions (usually recklessly), it harms someone’s reputation in public.

And, celebrities are not the only ones who are affected by the defamatory statements. Many businesses and small companies have also suffered because of it. Even a single statement has the ability to harm your image.

False statement is communicated by two methods –
·         Spoken
·         Written (in paper, on internet etc.)

Defamation is a serious issue as it can lead to severe consequences like family & society’s rejection, lost business opportunities & customer base, damaged reputation etc. Clearing the defamed individual’s or business’s name becomes an additional challenge.

So what you should do if someone tries to defame you? If you are a victim of defamatory statements, then you should contact a professional lawyer to get justice for your ruined reputation.

An attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf after investigating your case. In your complaint, the lawyer can provide the evidence that show how the statement has caused damage to your image. You also need to provide witnesses (if any) who could testify to the effects of defamatory statements. You can either settle the case out of court or go to trial. Your attorney can help you with that too.

Stephanie Ovadia is a renowned attorney who has been practicing for more than 30 years. She is also a radio personality who hosts the Stephanie O Show, on 103.9 FM, LI News Radio. She practices in various legal areas including personal injury, entertainment, false arrest, product liability, contract law, per diem court appearances and more.

She has also appeared as a legal commentator on many news stations. She has represented clients in defamation cases too and would be a great choice for someone looking for legal representation while trying to file a defamation suit.

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