Tips to Follow if You are Falsely Accused in a Case


Have you been falsely accused? Some questions may arise: How serious are the charges? What are you supposed to do? What are your legal rights? It is critical to use the services of a qualified attorney as soon as you are falsely charged with a criminal offence.  

You are a victim of false arrest when someone declares to have the authority to arrest you and puts you under arrest against your will without probable cause.  Probable cause leads a reasonable person to assume that a crime has been committed. But if you are innocent but are placed under arrest then you most likely have a case.

 There are some things that can protect your after being falsely accused:

Realize the importance of false accusations: The consequence can be serious if you have been accused of criminal offence. Even if you haven’t done it the charges can still be serious. The charges shouldn’t be taken lightly. The outcome of false accusation will greatly be affected by what you do today. If you do not take the right steps now, you may suffer major legal ramifications in the future.

Prepare for the costs of your defence: If you have been falsely accused of crime such as rape, sexual abuse, or domestic violence you will face charges with a high risk of conviction. You need to have an expert witness and other evidence may also be required. An easy way to defend yourself against serious allegations may cost you a lot more in the long run.  

Document your case: You will have to write the details of your case which will be helpful for you and your defence attorneys. Any false accusations need to be kept in track. When you find any relevant information document it and convey it to your attorney. This will save your time and money and be helpful for your defence.

Educate yourself: You yourself need to understand what’s happening. A competent attorney will handle many particulars of your case and it is important to learn about the allegation you face. Keep yourself updated through sources that provide detailed information about criminal offences and the legal system.

Compile a list of possible witnesses: It is your right to gather witnesses in your defence. Make a list of potential witnesses and include their name, address, contact details, place of employment. Your criminal defence with the help of this information can decide which witnesses will most strongly boost your case.

A local attorney who has experience representing clients is the only person you should talk to for legal help. Stephanie Ovadia a personal injury lawyer in Long Island, has handled many cases on false arrest and other realms of personal injury. She has also extended her practice into contract law and entertainment.

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