Know Your Right: Slip & Fall Lawsuit For Compensation


Slip and fall injury is a common occurrence that can cause disastrous injuries which can have a serious, life altering effects. In the worst case scenario, the result can also be a wrongful death. The common causes of slip and fall accidents can be wet floors, unlit staircase, construction site defects which can cause harmful injury. 

In order to get a settlement, you have to prove in court the liability of the property owner due to which the accident was caused. In common slip and fall cases, it is proved in the court that the victim slipped and got injured because the cause was a dangerous condition which the owner wilfully ignored.

That dangerous condition must present a condition that the injured person could not have anticipated the risk on the property due to which the fall occurred. For a property manager or owner to be liable, the condition should have been checked by the owner and corrected it. Or if the situation has been created by the owner himself.

There must be some party whom you can put the responsibility for the fall whose negligence caused the accident. Sometimes, the slip and fall accident can occur to the the person’s own negligence. When the slip and fall accident happens on a property that is owned by a state body, then there are special rules that apply.

There are always immunity provisions and strict notice requirements which protect the government entities from the liability for injuries sustained on their property. You should always discuss the slip and fall with a veteran attorney who can evaluate the case. You should do this within a time limit where you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

In order to prove the damages, your lawyer has to prove through proper documents that you lost your income using pay records and tax returns. Medical records and bills must be submitted, which can be rather tricky to obtain. Law firms take care of this job and track down the medical bills and records from your healthcare providers.

After getting all your medical reports, the lawyer then has to evaluate the level of pain and loss you are suffering due to injury. Sometimes, the slip and fall can occur to due broken or defective stairs. The debris should be cleared off from the stairs and it is the duty of the property owner to provide proper lighting in the stairwell and a sturdy handrail on the sides. The Stairs should have a same depth and rise with visible edges.  

Stephanie Ovadia is a Slip & Fall lawyer who provides a legal assistance to the Long Islanders and the surrounding areas. Consult her law office for free initial consultation.

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