How Is Product Liability Responsible For Personal Injury Cases?


Product liability is under the category of carelessness, strict liability or violation of warranty and its claim are based on state laws. The seller can be held liable for selling defective product to the customer.

The manufacture can be held liable under three types of defect that may cause injury:

  • Design Defects: The design defect results from a defect in its concept, that makes product dangerous to use. It can be avoided only through alterations.
  • Manufacturing Defects – Manufacturing defects are caused when the product is moved after the production from its design. Some defect may still ovvur even when best manufactures were used.
  • Marketing Defects – If the seller doesnot give the right instructions about the product related to proper use and potential dangers associated, then the product may be liable for marketing defect.

The responsible parties involved in the chain are:

  • Manufacturer: A manufacturer ranges in size and is involved in production of the good taking into account the raw materials, components and other workers. In a injury causing product, the manufacturer is at the top concern.

  • Retailer: Retailer makes the product reachable to the consumers. Even though he is not involved in production but he may be responsible for selling the defective product.

  • Wholesaler: There are a number of individuals between the manufacturer and the retailer like wholesalers, distributors etc. Any of them can be potentially at doubt and considered liable in the lawsuit for defective product.

If you've been injured by a defective product and wish to recover for your injuries,  firstly you will have to you'll need to do is identify which people and companies might be liable. You can contact the Law Office of Stephanie Ovadia, a personal injury lawyer, located on Long Island. She has provided legal representation for many personal injury cases to New York residents for more than two decades.

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