Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


You will probably want to put your case in the hands of a personal injury lawyer if you have been seriously injured in an accident with the other party being at fault. Look for someone who has good experience in handling your type of personal injury claim. Other things to consider when hiring a lawyer for your case are:

personal injury lawyer - Stephanie Ovadia

Firstly, consider if you want to hire a local firm or a big firm. A local firm will generally give more time to you and your case.

•    Will the lawyer charge you for an initial consultation?
Usually lawyers offer a free ’30 minute’ consultation and the consultation go for an hour, you won’t be charged for that additional time. You must clarify this with your lawyer before hand or you will be at risk of being stuck with an unexpected bill.

•    Will the lawyer simplify the legal process for you?
If at the end of a meeting or conversation you feel more confused or powerless than before, then probably your lawyer does not communicate well nor has proper knowledge.

•    Does the lawyer deal with cases efficiently and effectively?
You can ask your lawyers for examples. Lawyers can often provide you with lists of case won that are relevant to your situation. If you get the feeling that the lawyer doesn’t have much experience resolving your kind of case, trust your instincts and find a lawyer who will be confident enough to handle your case.

It’s best to work with someone like Stephanie Ovadia, whom you can trust and will support you in your case representing you and your rights. Stephanie G. Ovadia is a mother of eight and has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. She earned her law degree from Southwestern Law School in 1984. Her practice includes cases of medical malpractice, car accidents, bullying, wrongful deaths and many more.

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