Suffered Bicycle Injuries Due To Road Defects? What Are Your Legal Options?


Bicycle is the easier and more cost effective transportation option compared to others. This is the reason why it is used all around the world. However, the number of bicycle accidents is increasing rapidly. And many times, road defects are the reasons behind these accidents.

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There are mainly 2 types of road defects that are mentioned below.

Potholes – Potholes are one of the biggest reasons that result in bicycle accidents and injuries. Many bicyclers get injured because they are unable to see potholes on road, which leads to accidents.

Poor road conditions – Poorly maintained roadways are another reason behind these accidents.
Municipalities are responsible for managing roads and if you get injured due to poor road conditions, then you can claim compensation for your injuries and sufferings and the municipality may be liable to pay for it. You can file a lawsuit and this is your legal option.

However, there are several things that you need to know in this context.

  • The first thing is to determine the correct municipal entity in which the accident occurred. It is essential to determine jurisdiction. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult. But, you can get essential legal help from an attorney for this purpose.
  • You should know that you need to file a notice of claim within the 90 days of the occurrence of your bicycle accident where a municipality may be liable.
  • It is also essential that you give proper notice to the correct municipal entity that holds liability.

In case of a private ownership, in which the victim got injured on a private property like parking lot, the owner is held liable for the accident and injuries. And, there is no need to give them prior notice before filing for a compensation claim.

Stephanie Ovadia is a recognized personal injury attorney who practices law at the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia. She has more than thirty years of experience in this law field.

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