Steps You Should Take To File A Product Liability Lawsuit


Getting injured because of a defective product is a situation where you suffer injuries on both physical and trust level. It is the responsibility of a manufacturer to warn customers regarding a product’s side effects or dangers. In addition, it is also their responsibility to provide quality products to clients without any design or manufacturing defect.

Stephanie Ovadia - Product Liability Lawyer

However, it is not uncommon for people to suffer because of defective products. This is why the number of relevant liability lawsuits is increasing. These lawsuits are every manufacturer’s nightmare. On the other hand, these lawsuits prove to be horrifying for the victims too as they are the ones who suffered because of a defective item.

However, here are the steps that you should take to file a product lawsuit.

Take pictures – Pictures can be your evidence to prove the destructiveness of a defective product. You should take the pictures of the item, the scene and the injury too. It will help you verify your claim in the court effectively proving that the manufacturer was at fault.

Preserve the product (if possible) – If it is possible, you should preserve the defective item to prove your claim in the court. You can also opt for the expert examination of the offending item, so that it can be presented in the court as a critical piece of evidence in the favour of your product liability claim.

Documentation – This is another thing that you can present as the evidence in court. It includes the box in which the item was packed, its instructions or user manuals, directions, sales receipt and more.

Contact a professional attorney – This is your last step in the direction of a product liability claim. Contact a professional lawyer such as Stephanie Ovadia.

Stephanie Ovadia is a noted attorney who practices in various law fields including personal injury and product liability.

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