Legal Factors For Victims Of Assault & Battery In New York


Assault and battery is frightening situation when an individual is threatened with violence and then physically harmed on purpose. It is a tragic event that can lead to severe consequences including pain and suffering along with emotional trauma. Victims and their families demand justice, which they rightfully deserve. And, the justice can be obtained through a lawsuit.

However, there are several legal factors that a victim of assault and battery should know.
  • It may be possible that an assault and/or battery lawsuit is heard in both criminal and civil court in New York.
  • To prove your claim in assault, you need to prove in court that the defendant intended to cause you harm or for you to believe that you would be subjected to harm.
  • And, to prove your claim for battery, you will need to prove in court that the person at fault actually made physical contact with you to cause you harm.
  • There are several evidence that can prove your claim in court. It includes police reports, surveillance video footage, and the first responder statements. Witness statements can also help you prove your claim in court.
  • Victims may get reimbursement for medical bills and compensation for their sufferings if they were hospitalized because of assault and battery. In addition, victims may be able to recover lost wages through their lawsuit.

However, you need a professional attorney’s help to represent your case in court. It is essential to find a recognized and professional personal injury lawyer to legally represent your case and win it against the expert attorneys of defendant.

Stephanie Ovadia is a noted personal injury lawyer in New York, who has been practicing for more than three decades. She earned her law degree from Southwestern Law School in 1984. She has appeared as a legal commentator on FOX 5 and various news stations.

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