3 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases


There are a variety of different situations that can lead to personal injury case, but not every situation is going to lead to liability. The most important thing to understand is how you can get the compensation for your injuries by hiring the right lawyer.

Listed below are some of the most common types of personal injury cases.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice case arises when a doctor or other health care professional has been acting in a negligent manner that may result in some mishappening. People expect health care professionals to work carefully in a professional matter. In case of any negligence it can lead to catastrophic results. Medical negligence occurs when professionals failed to provide care that meets the standard of care that any professional doctor would give in similar circumstances.

Wrongful death

While money can’t replace the loss of a family member, in case of wrongful death due to the negligence of another party, money loss may accumulate, a settlement can help you feel financially secure and help bring peace of mind.

Wrongful death suits can help you recover the expenses due to wrongful death, along with other costs, such as loss of salary, pain and suffering, benefits, and/or other emotional injury that adds to the grief a family is undergoing.

Slip and fall

A slip and fall is a type of personal injury where a person slips, or falls or trips due to dangerous conditions. Slip and falls are a type of liability claim where it is supposed that a person’s slip, trip, or fall as a result of entity's’ negligence.

If you think you have a personal injury case, you can contact the well qualified and experienced lawyers like the law office of Stephanie Ovadia, who  provides personal injury legal assistance for people on Long Island and surrounding areas. She handles all types of personal injury matters, from road accidents to medical malpractice claims.

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