Medical Malpractice Types And Relevant Lawsuits


 When you trust a healthcare professional with your health, you certainly do not hope to receive any type of harm or injuries from their treatments. Unfortunately, these unwanted situations come true for some people. Medical malpractice is the incidents or situations in which a patient suffers physical or mental harm due to the mistakes of healthcare professionals.

And, victims of such incidents have the right to claim justice and compensation from those medical professionals who broke patient’s trust with malpractice. Here are the three the most common types of medical malpractice and relevant lawsuits.

Surgical Errors – Any errors during a surgery can lead to severe consequences. If you have suffered injuries due to errors made by a physician or medical staff during your surgery, then you are entitled to justice and compensation for your sufferings.

Prescription Errors – Consumption of wrong medication may result in serious health problems. And, when it is wrongly prescribed by a physician, you can claim justice for physical and mental damages.

Misdiagnosis – Sometimes patients are diagnosed with the wrong medical condition due to the mistakes of healthcare professionals. Such situations may result in an improper course of treatment, which can lead to worsening of the health problem. Victims can file a lawsuit against the medical staff and claim justice for their sufferings led by a misdiagnosis.

If you are also a victim of such incidents, then it is within your right to seek justice. And for that purpose, you should contact a professional personal injury attorney such as Stephanie Ovadia.

After receiving her law degree from Southwestern Law School in 1984, Stephanie Ovadia started her practice. She has been assisting clients with personal injury lawsuits for several decades in New York. However, she also practices in business law, entertainment law, traffic ticket defense and more. She practices at the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia.

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