Never Heard Of Medical Malpractice? Read Its Types!


Patients trust healthcare professionals blindly. But, sometimes healthcare professionals become negligent, which might lead to devastating results for patients. This neglecting act is called medical malpractice.

If you or your loved one has become a victim of medical malpractice, then you need to gain information about its various types so that you can claim compensation and fight for your case properly. Following are the three major types of medical malpractice.

Fail to diagnose – This is a situation in which physicians or healthcare professionals fail to diagnose certain disease or medical condition of a patient. Such negligent act can cause severe consequences in the future or even loss of life.

Improper medications – While wrong diagnosis or negligent behaviour towards patient can cause disastrous results, prescribing of wrong medications can also cause negative results or serious medical problems.

Surgical errors – The negligent behaviour of a surgeon can cause severe complications for patients. Leaving objects inside the patient, operating wrong site etc., are a few surgical errors committed by the surgeon.

These are a few types of medical malpractice. If you are a victim of negligent act of healthcare professionals, then you can file a lawsuit against the physician with the help of a lawyer.

Your lawyer will file a claim for the injuries and sufferings as well as will help you obtain compensations based on the level of injuries sustained. The lawyer will also make sure your compensation includes the medical expenses, cost of physical therapy, emotional sufferings, lost wages and more.

Stephanie Ovadia is a renowned lawyer who represents medical malpractice lawsuits. Besides this, she also provides legal assistance to clients regarding assault & battery, bicycle accident, bullying, dog bite, car accident, defamation, false arrest, medical malpractice and more.
Stephanie Ovadia is a lawyer since 1984. Besides being an unsurpassed lawyer, she is a renowned legal commentator. In addition, she has also been a popular figure on the radio show, the Stephanie O Show on 103.9 FM, LI News Radio, that she owns.

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