Common Reasons Of Slip And Fall For Which You Can File A Lawsuit


People often slip, trip, or fall various times either due to their own negligence or other people’s negligence. However, in the situations where one falls because of other people’s negligence, one has the right to file a lawsuit against the person at fault. The lawsuit is filed to claim compensation for the injuries sustained.

However, here are some common reasons of slip and fall for which you can file a lawsuit and claim compensation.

Unsafe stairwells – A fall from stairways can cause serious injuries. And, there are many factors that can lead to stairwells falls including dim lights on stairs, defective handrail, debris on treads and slippery treads. The victims can file a premises liability claim.

Uneven pavement – This is another reason that can result in injuries. Uneven pavement confuses the pedestrians about where to step. They might trip and fall from stairs.

Wet floors – Surface accumulated with water can cause pedestrians to slip, fall and get injured. Victims are liable to get compensation for their injuries from the property owners.

If one falls from stairways due to any of the above mentioned reasons, then they are entitled to compensation for the injuries sustain. They can file a premise liability lawsuit against the party at fault.

For these lawsuits, hiring a professional lawyer like Stephanie Ovadia is an optimal decision. This is because a professional lawyer will represent your case in the court as well as help you get rightful compensation for your injuries.

Stephanie Ovadia is a renowned and reputed attorney in New York. She has represented several personal injury lawsuits and helped many people get their rightful compensation. She has been a licensed New York State attorney for more than 30 years.

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